What You’re Seeking Can Only Be Found in God

It’s time to stop looking in all the wrong places.

I remember the exact moment I realized money wasn’t making me happy.

It was a year ago. I was working a job I had started out loving, but as the months passed and the stress piled I fell out of love with it. Still, I stayed because the pay was good and I was afraid of being broke.

I was walking to work one morning when I got a notification on my phone that my month’s salary had been deposited in my account. With the addition of that particular deposit, I had more money than I had ever had at any point in my life.

And I thought: But I’m miserable. I have all this money but I’m miserable. Is this all there is to it?

I quit a couple of weeks later.

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Write, For These Words Are True

I’m bringing this blog back to life.

At the same time, I’m changing it from what it once was.

For a blog I created to house my heart’s stories, this blog has been very impersonal. I’ve never really put anything here that gives any insight into who I am. Or, alternatively, who I’m becoming.

That’s going to change.

My life took an interesting turn recently. The person I am now is drastically different from who I was a year ago. My priorities are different. My passions are different. My faith is different—and that’s what this place is going to be about. Faith.

I am turning this site into a Christian blog.

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